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    You want something very special? I will make a customized chart for you! This chart includes all information about your pet such as place of living, date of birth, name, special skills, breed description and of course paintings of your pet (portrait, full body view, size comparison, paw stamp)
    Of course you can ask me to put any description on the chart you want, such as guidance dog labels etc..

    To make your chart as detailed as possible I need:
    * (Full) Name, Date of Birth, Breed, High (Paws to head)
    *Place of living
    * Optional: special abilities, awards, skills, etc.

    If your pet is not a special breed but a mix please send me all the information you want me to put on the chart.

    To paint your pet I need:
    * one portrait photo
    * one photo were I can see your pet full body standing side view.

    Your order includes:

    * a customized chart about your pet in A3 size, printed on high quality paper min. 220g/m2.

    *a portrait of your pet with name printed in A4 size

    *3 self adhesive stickers with portrait and name (round) for your car etc...

    Available in English and German!

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    ****It is also possible to order just the Portrait*****

    After the purchase please send me your data via Etsy convo!